Old Rants


October 7, 2003 - So, would anyone out there care to guess what arrived on my doorstep this afternoon, scant days after my big blow-up rant about them being so late?
That's right, ladies and gentlemen, the comic books are here, in my hand as I speak. Well, okay, they aren't in my hand (not all of them). Two-thousand comics is very big (like over 300 pounds big), and I'd be crushed if I tried to hold them all at once. They're mostly down in the guest room/office/distribution center sitting in their boxes. As I've got one hell of a busy week coming up, I probably won't be able to start printing labels and stuffing envelopes until this weekend, so you should start receiving your books in the mail in about two weeks.
Just leafing through them now, they look pretty good. There are some smudgey bits on some pages, but that's just natural and they aren't really noticeable I suppose (unless, of course, it's your baby). I think the color on the cover could be a little nicer, but other than that I suppose I can't complain. At least I've finally got the blasted things.

October 2, 2003 - Okay, there's apparently a news issue I need to not only cover, but SPECIFY. I do not have the comic books yet. I have no fucking clue why the books aren't here yet, aside from the fact that I must've hired gibbering, drooling wild dogs to print it for me. I was TOLD that there would be about a three week turnaround time BACK IN THE MIDDLE OF AUGUST, that's why I said the comics would be available in September, but I still have yet to receive them, and every time I call, I either get the answering service, or am brushed off with a 'they're just about ready to go'. I can't mail out something I don't have, and whining won't make me developed god-like powers to spontaneously generate them before me. I will likely never use this printer again and, if I had the option of taking back my several thousand dollars and taking my business somewhere else, you can be damn sure I would, but since that's not an option, we all get to just suck it up and let society fuck us up the ass once again. And quit bitching about it, because I'm taking it a lot harder and deeper on this comic-book fiasco than you are.
What? Yeah, so I'm in a mood. deal.

September 15, 2003 - Okay, so I was up at 4am to get ready for work Sunday and my day pretty much kept coming nonstop after that until now, as I write this, at midnight. I am very, very tired. As a result, there is not yet a Monday comic, even though I have it scripted and laid out. Monday's comic will be here on Tuesday, and I apologize for any inconvenience...
Wait a second. I don't give a damn if this inconveniences you. I draw VE because I like to; readers be damned. If you don't like me sleeping in place of updating, you can kiss my shiny white ass and go read some Garfield (at least Jim Davis gets paid for his comic strip, not to mention animated specials)
In other news, I'm finally starting school later this week. I'm glad that it's finally coming up, but that means my workload will jump from about 60 hours per week to 90 (I'm including the comic in these totals) or more. Since I have to work to pay for things, and I'm not going to slack off in my classes (this times around), I guess that means we'll have to wait and see how VE is affected for the next year or so.
But hey, that brings us back to me not giving a damn about the readers. HAHA! Don't you love it when all the threads from a rant somehow tie together at the end?

September 3, 2003 - So, the filler week continues. Sadly, I was unable to attend anything at the con involving the ever-sexually appealing James Marsters, due to scheduling conflicts (whoever the bloody hell scheduled our panel opposite his band is going to walk with a limp if I ever find them), or shear size of the crowds.
On another note, I'd like to mention that preorders for Venus Envy Magazine are now closed off; All orders placed from the third of September onwards are considered normal orders and the copies will not be signed (sorry, but my wrist can't take the abuse). The books haven't yet arrived from the printer's, but they'll be shipped out to those who preordered as soon as I have them. Sorry for the delay.

September 2, 2003 - So, DragonCon was a lot of fun, and it felt good to be in the south again (I know... I'm scared too). The panel went really well (we were standing-room only, baby) and all my fellow panelists were really cool, although Kittyhawk is much tinier than I was expecting. I also got yanked onto a second webcomics panel Sunday evening alongside webcomic big-wigs like Bill Holbrook ("Kevin and Kell") and Jeff Darlington ("General Protection Fault"), both of whom are really nice guys (like I'm going to turn around and say they were complete assholes :p ). Jeff actually has a picture of the second panel and ensuing dinner here on his website).
So, what was I doing when I wasn't lusting over half the costumes I saw, wasting money in the dealer room, or having panties and room keys flung at me (you think I'm kidding about this, don't you?); I was drawing, of course. This week's comics are going to be replaced by my DragonCon 2003 Sketch Diary. Yeah, yeah, I hear you moaning, but to make up for it, I'm giving you five comics this week instead of two, so rejoice... sort of.
Anyway, good to be back, now back to work.

August 29, 2003 - Well, I'm off to Atlanta and DragonCon for my very first Venus-Envy-Related speaking engagement. If anyone else is going... you're probably already there and hence not checking this website. BUT, if you do somehow manage to check the website and are curious, then I will be speaking with Kittyhawk and a few other web artists on Saturday night, from 10 to 11:30. In the meantime, try not to send me too much mail, as I won't be answering anything or cleaning out my inbox until Tuesday. Everyone enjoy your weekends.

August 11, 2003 - Grrrr.... currently quite frustrated. I'm having scanner problems, or maybe it's problems with my USB drivers, or something. I have the comics drawn, I just can't scan them for final production and uploading. Hopefully this will be fixed soon; in the meantime, have patience (god knows one of us has to).

August 3, 2003 - Hahahaha! Sleep deprivation is fun once the walls start talking to you! Why am I loosing sleep, you ask? Why, nothing short of the very first issue of the Venus Envy Comic Book! It's funny as hell, with both classic strips and part one of an all-new VE miniseries, and it's winging it's way to the printers as we speak! More details Here

July 18, 2003 - Hey! National Recognition!
Well... sorta. Okay, it's actually just two short paragraphs, and I was only included as the 'token trannie' that every gay culture article has to have these days, but even Hemmingway had to start somewhere, dammit.
Anyway, the Washington Blade called me last week for an interview, and the article was just published today (*sigh* they could've at least e-mailed to let me know when it would be published). Anyway, this is all terribly anti-climactic, and it's too damn hot, so I'm gonna go crawl away from the heat-producing electronic appliance and lie in the shade.
For those who care to look, the article is here:

July 14, 2003 - Ugh....
That's the only way to describe it, really: Ugh. Because I work retail, I'm labeled unskilled labor, and hence the bottom of the employable rung (since it's not difficult at all to replace me) and it's perfectly acceptable to treat such dregs as badly as corporate needs befit. Hence, I've been working closing shifts all week, getting home after 10:30 at night, which isn't so bad since my best artist working hours are between 11pm and 3am; I got plenty of time to wind down and do the whole 'creative' thing before going to bed around four and sleeping until noon.
And then they decide to change it. After closing Friday night, they decide I need to be there at 6am Saturday for an eight-hour shift. Naturally, my body clock says on Friday 'No, it's not 4am yet; we're not sleepy', so I end up only getting a very brief nap before a long shift on my feet. Then I get to repeat the whole damnable cycle Sunday, since I spent Saturday afternoon and evening writing instead of napping (I do occasionally do creative work that I actually get paid for), only getting a brief nap before another 8-hour shift.
If it weren't for Red Bull, I probably wouldn't be alive to write this.
Anyway, those out there who know me can see this coming: I'm making a poor excuse for not having a Monday comic. I've had a ton of stuff to work on lately and now I'm majorly fatigued, and I still have to go in Monday morning and suffer. So, no staying up late to put together a comic. I will post Monday's Comic (hopefully) on Tuesday, and the rest of the week should be normal.
And that filthy mutant spider clone of mine is a liar! Those were my mice! She ate all hers as soon as we got home, then kept screaming when I wouldn't give her mine.

July 6, 2003 - In case anybody's concerned: no, it (miraculously) didn't sting me, and I'm not allergic to bees anyway, so it wouldn't have been serious if it had (but still, ow... what a place to get stung). It just flew in my shirt and gave me a hell of a fright... but, it was a freakin' HUGE bee; You should've seen it! Must've been the size of, like, two bees... And mean! I'll bet he was a biker, back at the hive; he had this 'looking for trouble' kind of attitude about him.... Yeah.

June 30, 2003 - Okay, so I've been having some trouble with my FTP client the last week of so, hence updates have been delayed. Friday's comic is now up (so go and check it out), but to try and sort of confusion a little, I'm releasing Sunday's filler comic today, and Monday's comic tomorrow (Tuesday)... no real reason, I suppose. I just feel like lording my power over you. Bwahahaha!

June 23, 2003 - Okay, so first thing's first: There's been another Gallery update for fanart, including a really cool poem in the fanfiction section, so go check that out.
In other news: Keenspace has implemented a new system to prevent bandwidth theft and help keep their load times reasonable. Unfortunately, this conflicts with certain firewalls people use on their computers to help prevent hacking or viruses; mainly Norton-related products. If you can view this page, but just get a red "X" where the comic should be, try the following steps:

 1. Open internet Security.
 2. click the option button on the top row of buttons.
 3. select internet security.
 4. click advanced options.
 5. click add site.
 6. enter keenspace.com
 7. now select keenspace.com from the list of websites.
 8. click the privacy tab on the right side of the window.
 9. click use these rules for check box.
 10. set all option to permit.
 11. click apply.

In other, other news: Venus Envy Magazine is almost complete as far as the creative process goes. The several pages of new comics are almost finished and the articles are written. All that's left is a nice cover design, layout, and then sending it off to the printers. Hopefully everything will be printed and ready for shipping and sales by the end of July.

June 14, 2003 - So, I come home from work Wednesday at four feeling completely shagged, and thought to myself "It's been ages since I played around with coloring anything on the computer; might be fun to finally make a new banner for VE. The next thing I really remember I was elbows-deep in a full website redesign, feeling a tad hungry. I look at the clock and realize. "Shit... it's past midnight." I figured that, since I was having trouble focusing my eyes, it might be a good time to go to bed (I was up at 5 that morning after all). But no rest for the weary! I woke up and got right back to work. Every page has had at least a cosmetic change or two made, so browse through. No doubt there are tons of bugs to be corrected, but hey, I'm not getting graded for this. The Gallery has a ton of new things (about time I updated with all the new fanart I've gotten these past few weeks). There's also a whole new page: "Other", which is basically just going to be rants and old news posts and whatever else strikes me as interesting at the time.
So anyway, look through and enjoy the fact that I've finally done away with those pesky frames. Hope everyone enjoys. And if you don't, tough.