This section is devoted primarily to other art in addition to the Venus Envy strips, as well as some bonus material. It's also where I house all the cool fanart people send me (god, I love getting fanart). All the extra little crunchy bits are down below the scads of fanart, so make sure not to miss them.





Kickass Lain-esque ZoŽ pic from Akkhima

Cute ZoŽ portrait from Christine Smith

A CG pic of Zoe at her ivy-league... high school? care of Daphne

A cool pic from Djinn of ZoŽ as a Catholic schoolgirl

My first-ever fanart, from D-limiter featuring ZoŽ as a blonde

A cool fan-drawn comic from Dragonfly  of Latex Blue

A very sweet drawing and quote, provided by Jessica

A gorgeous scene of Zoe, thanks to Samantha

To quote Sarah "it's Oekaki (fancy word for I drew it with my mouse)"

Rhea, of Tasha's World, sent me a colorized picture of Zoe from the second comic ever. Maybe I should be doing coloring books.

A drawing of someone other than Zoe! It's Bergie, the loving Carter-family dog, drawn by Tara

This cute, colored panel from July 29's comic comes to us from Crystal

Cool new ZoŽ pic from Kenzar2k, of World of Sin

Somebody actually did fan art of ME.... I think. It's Erin as a Lego figure, care of Leslie

Jade Gordon, of Lean on Me, sent me this cool little Oekaki of ZoŽ

A pic of ZoŽ done in a very different and interesting style. Definitely a nice variation, thanks to Caster

My very first fanart of Larson! He's looking very sexy and pretty close to my original vision of the character, care of Jack

A cute shot of ZoŽ and Larson from Amber in an anime style.

A pastels pic of ZoŽ and Larson from Mikey. I have to admit, it's not quite how I'd envisioned the characters, but my visions aren't the only ones that count anymore. Cool nonetheless.

I finally have that pic of Zoe as a catgirl. Now we need Vampire Hunter Zoe :) Thanks to Rann, of Wereworld for this pic.

My second fanart from Rann. I like it, but then again, I'm hung up on Powerpuff Girls, so it figures.

Fanart from Boiled Porpoise, featuring Zoe as a... er, girlcat (it's kind of like a catgirl, isn't it?).

A very sweet angel ZoŽ pic from Caitlyn, who has a very kick-ass style.

A pic from Jay (who also happened to do a comic for me while I was moving), of Salem High's as-of-yet-unnamed soccer team captain.

Crystal (the same one from above, actually) sends us this image of ZoŽ as a vampire hunter.

A picture of ZoŽ being taught the basics of the transformation gun by Tedd, of El Goonish Shive fame. Submitted by Dan Shive.

A pic of Zoe and Bergie from Westly, who's usually more of a furry artist, he tells me, but seems to have done a good job with humans. And in case you're wondering, the misc. male is a self-portrait of Westly (in case you're an airhead like myself, and was wondering if it was Larson).

This way-cool "Indie Rock" style poster of Zoe comes to use from Alyssa, who blames me for her getting back into art. Good to know I can make others suffer with my work *insert evil cackle*


A very cool style, courtesy of Astrid, a professional artist in her own right, with her own comics. I love seeing pictures of my characters in different styles like this.

Dain sends me this very cool image of Zoe as a Final Fantasy-style white mage or priestess. Nothing like genre crossovers to make you go "Huh... cool idea"

This is a really beautiful pic of Zoe, brought to us by Karen

Tifa was kind enough to show off her talents by coloring a recent strip. What gets me is how she knew that Eric was a blonde when I hadn't told anyone else. Weird.

A very beautiful and stylized image done by Unigal, depicting Zoe with a unicorn (wonderful symbolism, since unicorns are only supposed to approach innocent young maidens)

My very first fan-pic of Lisa comes from Julie. It's nice to know she's loved, too, even after the rocky start :)

This holiday pic of Zoe was submitted by Llirium, who really managed to capture her huge eyes (one of those features that's hard to get across in the comic, since everyone's eyes are huge the way I draw them). Probably one of my favorite fanpics so far.

Jimmy has modified one of the bonus comics ("When MtFs Role Play", if anyone still remembers those) to show the after-effects.

M E sends in this incredibly cute picture of Zoe in a wedding gown and wearing Mom's necklace. Guess that covers something old and something new (just leaves borrowed and blue).

Cute picture, not so cute image quality. As Leon
says "how ZoŽ would have looked like
while studying abroad in Japan, playing soccer studies and working after homework and all
beaten down tried almost zombie like. She was also popped in the right eye -yet- again."

Terra has submitted this incredibly cute picture of Zoe and Eric together... Hmmm... blazingly Irish girl and a gorgeous Aryan boy. They are gonna have beautiful children.

Brianna's very first pic comes to us courtesy of Chloe. She is disturbing, yes?

This cool desktop wallpaper features Zoe and Lisa, lookin' stylish. I think Rob did a great job on it.

Cassie, who did one of my first fanpics, contributes this lovely image of Brianna beng, er... friendly?

A fanart contributed by my very own baby brother (who, for the record, is much nicer than Richie... at least nowadays)

Three images brought to us by Trio; two of Zoe's "Drive them insane with girlish cuteness" plot, and one of her looking more tomboyish.

I have mixed feelings about this images from Glassie entitled 'Becoming ZoŽ'. On the one hand, it is beautiful, from a technical standpoint. On the other hand, she's holding the lipstick all wrong,

Raydude, who laments his lack of artistic ability, has sent me this colored version of the strip from January 31, 2003

Colored comics must be all the rage, because Lisa sent me this one for February 7, 2003

Here's some really cute CG fanart from Dootsie (and for those of you who can't quite make it out, ZoŽ's holding a ballerina snow globe)

Yadyn made this nice sketch of the Venus Envy trinity (although I'm not sure if they can be called that anymore, since I've introduced so many new character lately). Anyway, thanks for his stylin' contribution.

This is, I kid you not, Venus Envy translated into Elvish. I had no idea my comic was so popular with those damn, dirty tree-kissers. Translation courtesy of Eliste (who, to the best of my knowledge, is not one of those pointy-eared pooftas).

Matt Nishi, of Trans Generation, sent me this little invite to do a crossover with him. He's drawn me a lot better dressed (and shapelier) than I'd ever actually be, and I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended (can you be both at once?)

Emily (whose e-mail address I seem to have, er... misplaced) sent this cool fanart of Jade (of Lean on Me) and I as the main characters of Excel Saga. I like fanart of me ^-^

Chris (whose e-mail address I've also... Misplaced) sends this colored version of the comic for Jan 17, 2003

Ack! Chibi Zoe! Too.... frickin' cute! Mirva's address wasn't ... misplaced, but I'm withholding it for fear of the onslaught of hate mail she'd obviously receive for producing such cuteness :)

Zoe and Larson done in a very cool style (and very cool clothes) by JStalker.

Kiki tried a hand at inking the penciled comic for 3/16/03. It's kind of interesting to see how different people's styles affect the same basic model.

Kenzar 2K sends us this chilling image of Zoe from a far different time and place (how can that scrawny bitch handle the recoil from that thing, anyway)

Brooklyne sends us this cute little sketch with Zoe.

Lee (whose e-mail address I forgot) sends this nice sketch of Zoe looking fancy

Heather has created this wonderful bumper sticker for the 2004 presidential campaigns. I shudder to think who the running mate will be.

Cathy seems to back my procrastination entirely, or at least she thinks ZoŽ does...

Tim (probably not the infamous enchanter, but one can never be too certain) submits these two stylishly colored images; the old 'Venus Slayers' ZoŽ, and yours truly.

This cute, mildly-psychotic ZoŽ pic was done by Dragonslayer.

Jen seems to think I should care about the welfare of her squirrel and her family's genitals... dammit, I do! She's got her own site here

Jessica sends these three images of our various heroes (I use the term loosely). She has her own comic, but I can't seem to find the address...

This fanart is actually Corinna's very first Oekai (drawn with a mouse)

Guiltysketchbook (whose e-mail I seem to have lost) sent us this pic of Lisa, ZoŽ, and Chris at the mall.

ZoŽ with sword seems to be pretty popular. Kit, of the comic Explosive Stuff, sends us this piece feature just that.

Another fan of ZoŽ and sword, Mike sends us a wallpaper made from ZoŽ's Tai Chi kata

Monica sends us this stunning picture of Zoe in green for Spring

Rhea the Kender sends us this, ahem... touching scene of Zoe and Larson bonding... so to speak

Zoe as a magical girl. Ain't she cute? This wallpaper courtesy of Rianna

Matt Catt, of the webcomic Guy, sends this pictures of Zoe looking even more disgustingly cute than usual

A cute shot of Zoe as a catgirl, thanks to Violent Bunny

Victoria seems to have set up a small shrine to Venus Envy over on her site, The Girl Inside. Glad I could make such an impression

A very cool pic courtesy of Rhiannon, featuring Zoe's great, great, grandmother, Calamity Carter! Now all we need is a story to go with it.

A budding young computer artist, Melonie, has produced a CG Zoe for the site.

Another cute picture from Matt, of Transe Generation (check out the Links page). The boy's got a good sense of humor.

Am I the only one that remembers those self-help books for children in the mid-80's? SusieQ's art style from this picture reminds me so much of those... and I have a pair of jeans like those!

Jenn Dolari, artist of Closet Space and a Wish for Wings, included Zoe in a cameo at a sci-fi con and sent me a copy. Go check out her site.

This mouse-drawn picture of Zoe courtesy of Singergal

Kim-chan sent this absolutely gorgeous portrait of Zoe, reflecting a whole lot of her Irish half (I love all the little shoulder-freckles)

Rachael sent this guest comic, featuring... um... actually, I don't understand it, either... cute, though

This fan-comic from Kendra marks three record: Not only is it the first fanart of both Robert (dad) and Helen (mom), but it also features the most VE characters so far.

An awesome picture of ZoŽ in a "Bend it Like Beckham" mood, thanks to Bec

Two new images from Trio (above)

Cute rendition of the 'Birth of Venus" from my friend Mina.

A doodle of Zoe, care of Tempest

Kat sends a pic of ZoŽ in what seems to be everyone's favorite shirt.

A colored version of the comic featuring ZoŽ and Larson's 'tender moment', from Rhea (above)

A bishonen-looking fanart of Alex, pre-transition (this being my first fanart of Alex, courtesy of Vanessa).

An image of ZoŽ from a totally different Vanessa than the last one.

A pic of ZoŽ in Chinese garb by Erin (not me)

A really touching fanart from Stonehawk.

A really cutesy anime-style pic of ZoŽ and Larson, done by Holly

A ZoŽ/Angel pic, courtesy of Jimmy

Another image of ZoŽ in Chinese garb, this one from Tim

A fanart (or is it a cameo?) by Elizabeth of From Then On Forth... cute, but it makes no sense to me. Maybe I'm strange.

A very nice picture of Zoe from yet another Erin

Space Coyote, the genius behind Saturnalia and all-around hottie, sent my this great pic of ZoŽ

Stephanie is even crueler to my poor characters than I am!

Hibiki, of Xanny's Curse, sent this cute crossover between his characters and mine, as well as a drawing featuring several of his characters cosplaying as various others (including ZoŽ).

This cool, very serious and touching pic of ZoŽ was sent to me by Tess, who seems to doubt her skills a bit (for some strange reason). She has a website here

Hope submitted this nice image of ZoŽ for the Halloween season... too bad it's still April in Punxatawney.

Another pic of the ever-popular Brianna 9and her inner demon), care of Lauren.

A cute shot of ZoŽ, sent by Hannah of Troya's Cave

Haruko sends this nice shot of his favorite redhead

Another picture of Brianna, this one care of Nid

Space Coyote, of Saturnalia, sends me this luscious little image of my two favorite characters 'enjoying' each other's company.

A crouching, bestial ZoŽ, thanks to CMoore

A cute little shot of ZoŽ, from VStar

Bunny-ZoŽ; a furry from Talia

A little pencil of ZoŽ, done by Netrogo

Kevin was so struck by the comic of ZoŽ and her mirror, that he made this fanpic for me.

Val sent in one of the many colored versions I got of the comic featuring Alex as Juliet

Rosie, artist behind Dusty Rose, sends this awesome pic of ZoŽ kitted up as a martial artist.

A stylistic picture of Zoe, four years younger. Courtesy of Pixel Vector, the artist behind Girl Awakened

A quickie Larson fanpic from Lana

South Park Zoe, curtsey of Jay

Sara sends us a pic of Alex as one of those pointy-earred bastards!

'Don ZoŽ", as portrayed by Alkahest

An absolutely stunning piece, sent to me by Grimmalkin

A cute MS Paint oekai from Laurel

A guest comic and a pic of ZoŽ as Zelda/Sheik from Ocarina of Time, both courtesy of Zoomo

A cute but slightly racy picture of ZoŽ's ideal, from John.

A guest comic from Frank that is SICK AND WRONG!

Alana sends us a nice show of Lisa and her best/only friend in the world before ZoŽ.

A picture from Rebbie, inspired by the 'Shadows of Juliet' storyline a few months back.

Matt Adair takes a shot at sketching ZoŽ in colored pencil.

Two portraits from Sara, featuring ZoŽ and Brianna (who seems to be becoming a hot trend in VE fanart).

Webkilla gives us a very, er... busty rendition of our protagonist.

A very stylized and beautiful piece from White Rice, featuring a medieval Chinese fantasy ZoŽ

An awesome little pic of Zoe in Chemistry, thanks to Mari.

A really nice little animated buddy icon contributed by David.

Energetic little chibi-ZoŽ from Jay

HOLY CRAP! 3D renderings of most of my VE cast, all for me! I have
to say that, as an artist, this is probably one of the weirdest feelings I've ever
had. The animated series is just another step away! These were created by Sam.
From left to right: ZoŽ, Alex, Larson, Lisa, and Eric

Jack agrees with me. Larson is the shiz-nit.

A thoughtful little shot of ZoŽ, from Melanie.


The Yaoi Comics


For those of you who don't know, Yaoi is a form of manga (Japanese comics) featuring young gay men in love. What does this have to do with VE, you ask? Nothing... Or at least it didn't, until one Miss Jamie V posted one of my comics on the VE message board with new, more 'interesting' text. After I finished laughing and washed the urine out of my pants, I told her that if she would do a few more of those, I'd put them up her,e in the gallery. This little mini-series features Zoe as a normal girl and older brother to Richie, a flaming homosexual boy in love. Enjoy, and then let Jamie know how much you love her sense of humor.


Yaoi 1 Yaoi 2 Yaoi 3
Yaoi 4 Yaoi 5 Yaoi 6
Yaoi 7



Fan Fiction


Is there anything in this world cooler than seeing people take your characters, ideas, and universe, and breathing a little life of their own into them? I don't think so!


The Gospel of Venus Envy
An interesting short work by Leslie, explaining Venus Envy's biblical origins


Richie's Lament by Rowan
A poem by Richie, giving us a little insight into his view of the family situation and how his 'sister' fits into it


All Girls Glow by Amy
A really cool and well-written crossover between Venus Envy and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. A must-read (it'd be cannon, if not for the fact that there are no vampires in Salem).


More on the way!


Fan-Made Banners


This banner was contributed by Dale

The above two banners were contributed by Noiie

The above banner donated by Kat

This banner submitted by Jon, a perfectionist.

The above banner was submitted by Tess

A new banner submitted by Tess



Super-Bonus Comics!


That's right! Because I love you all so very much, I'm making extra comics that you can view here at no extra fee! These comics are outside of the normal VE timeline and for the most part star me (or some broad characterization of myself) rather than ZoŽ


Bonus 1
Bonus 2
Tech Support 1
Tech Support 2
Tech Support 3



Super-Bonus Retro Comics


Waaaaay back in high school, I served my time on the school paper (I know what you're thinking: "You? How? Only losers work on the paper," but it's true!). Among my duties was drawing the comics and editorial cartoons for each issue (and I'll bet you thought I was just some inexperienced shmoe). Editorial cartoons aside, "Out of Sync" was a comic about a rabbit names Tod and a fox named Jessi, and I would spend several hours at a time lovingly crafting amusing stories for each issue... which my editor promptly denounced as "inappropriate for school" or "offensive", so I'd have to crank out some crap in the last half hour before the paper went to press.

Ladies and gentlemen, here, for you, is that crap (or what I could find of it)....


Out of Sync 1
Out of Sync 2
Out of Sync 3
Out of Sync 4
Out of Sync 5
Out of Sync 6