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  Other Trans Comics  
  Lean on Me is the earliest trans comic I've ever come across. It's incredibly sweet and touching, and will be continuing on for another two or three chapters when Jade finally gets her butt in gear.  
  Transe Generation is a comic drawn by Matt Nishi, an, er... interesting fellow. Despite only being updated every week or so, it's piss-your-pants funny, and some of his comments can be very touching.  
  ClosetSpace is a fun weekly strip written by a very friendly woman. It's got a very 80's-anime style to the artwork, and the writing is realistic but still very fun and dramatic. Definitely recommended, plus it's a pretty quick read.  

Sparkling Generation Valkyrie Yuuki is about a boy who's accidentally transformed into a Sailor Moon-esque super heroine. Not exactly a trans comic; more of a 'what the hell happened to my penis' comic, but very good nonetheless.

  My Life in Blue is a comic with beautiful art, but the writing can be a little difficult to follow sometimes. Worth at least checking out, though.  
  From Then On Forth is a sweet comic just getting off it's feet. Elizabeth Troub is learning the fine art of webcomicry as she goes along, so why not drop by and give her a little encouragement. The comic is currently on hiatus while she gets her personal affairs together, but hopefully she'll get it up and running again soon.  
  Triquerta Cats is another magical-girl-style comic done with a trans theme.  

  Second Stage is basically Shawna Strobel's personal sketchbook. It doesn't update often, but I really love her style and it feels very honest. I really recomend it.  


  Cool Online Comics  
  What more needs to be said? Sluggy is the progenitor of online comics and respects must be paid.  
  Kagerou: An Electric Manga is just... oh my god. And the art... the writing, it's... Sometimes you find a comic with art so beautiful it makes you want to cry, and sometimes you find a comic with a story that just pulls you in and makes you beg for more. This is both of those and more.  
  El Goonish Shive, by Dan Shive, is a damn funny adventure and high-weirdness comic, with were-squirrels, living goo, magic, and a high school principal who looks like Hitler.  
  PvP is a professional online comic, one of the few to truly make it, and is a damn funny read. I recommend small, controlled doses, though... no real reason; just felt like making a recomendation.  

Unicorn Jelly is very unique... it tells a little story that becomes a very big story, all while painting a universe that's very different from our own... plus there's a really cute little jelly-blob in it that squeaks. The story has finished, but the archives are still online.




  Transsexual Information Sites  
  Transsexuality: A very fun and simplified site that includes a primer on the subject. Definitely recommended reading  
  Transsexual Women's Resource Page: Information out the wazzo! Check this out if you need to know anything  
  TS Road Map: Yet more information, but mostly intended for transsexuals rather than casual readers  
  The Antijen Pages: A site and mailing list devoted primarily to younger TS and their families. Contains lots of information and links, as well as a very loving and supportive community for those who need it.