Its Finally Here!

Venus Envy #1
Alex or Zoe: From A to Z

Your favorite online comic, now available in Dead-Tree format, perfect for long trips, bathroom excursions, school, ballroom dancing, dinner parties, cult ceremonies, the operating theatre, Minnesota, and anywhere else where a desktop computer is simply inconvenient.

Venus Envy #1 is 32 pages (plus the extra two interior pages thanks to the cover) of, er... something, uh... impressive and enjoyable... yeah:

-Some of your favorite classic strips, finally available in hardcopy!
-Rants from the artist, in a sleep-deprived state!
-An advice column written by everyone's favorite evil mutant spider clone!
-How-to Tips for your own webcomic!
-Exclamation Points galore!!!!!

And Featuring part one of Venus Envy: Zero Hour, a brand new miniseries only available in the comic book (well, mostly unavailable; here's a sneak peak). Find out just what ZoŽ's life was like before Salem and why her family had to leave their hometown of Punxetawney.

So, rush and order your copy online today!

As for the official process of procuring, you can go about it one of two ways, depending on which of the following you believe I deserve more:


That's right, at a whopping $3.50 an issue (plus fifty cents for shipping), I'll be rolling in dough (which will subsequently be spent on ale and whores). Sure, you'd rather keep that money (not to mention ale and whores) for yourself, but I know your cannot resist my awesome mind powers! Go forth, and purchase!

For those of you concerned about suspicious family, friends, or roommates, every copy of Venus Envy Comics is shipped in a nondescript brown office envelope for your safety. Should the package be intercepted, the secretary will disavow all knowledge of the comic.

As we have a very small mailing department, please allow 4 to 8 weeks for delivery.

Ordering Online: Just click on the link below to process you order


Bah! Who needs cash when you're a recognized household name? VanGough didn't need to be financially successfully to be immortal, and neither do I, so if you're more interested in getting the word about Venus Envy (and lil' old me) than about me being rich, just follow these simple steps:

1.) Print out this handy flyer

2.) Go to your local queer bookstore, independent comic shop, or Christian Science Reading Room (its a little known fact the Christian Scientists actually adore my work and everything about me).

3.) Give the local business the aforementioned flyer and casually mention how you'd love to get a copy of this comic book, and how it's so funny, insightful, and topical, that anyone smarter than a dead and rotting chipmunk will want to buy a copy, too, once they've seen it.

4.) Wait a week or so, then repeat. Continue to do so until their either say "They've been ordered and will be here soon" or "This is a restraining order."

5.) Actually BUY the book. If you push and push for them to carry it, but then don't even bother to pick up a copy, it makes you look cheap and deceptive, and while I can tolerate (heck, even appreciate) one or the other among my followers, I can't condone both.

$5.00 apiece for all orders within the United States and Canada (includes $1.50 for shipping and handling)
$6.50 apiece for all orders outside the United States and Canada (includes $3.00 for international shipping)

Ordering By Mail: We can now accept personal checks, cashiers checks, and money orders by mail (no cash, please). To order, just send $5.00 per issue to:
     Maniacal Platypus Publishing
     PMB 862
     15600 NE 8th Street, Suite B1
     Bellevue, WA 98008

We can only accept domestic (US and Canadian) mail orders at this time. Please make all checks payable to 'Erin Lindsey', as I do not have a bank account for MP Publishing just yet.


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